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Posted by timefortruth on February 12, 2012 at 5:45 PM

In today's Churches, it has become common place for Pastors to preach a pre-trib rapture. This however flies in the face of what Jesus taught. His Matthew 24 discourse was intended to lead us to Isaiah 13. Both teach a nuclear war will occur which will send the earth out of orbit into complete darkness just before Jesus returns. Jesus called this the sign of the Son of Man in Matthew 24:29-31.

Isaiah 13:12-13 backs up this prophecy of Jesus' and Jesus was backing Isaiah's prophecy. The Medes (current day Kurds) attack Babylon (current day iraq) and destroy it completely. But the nuclear war is worldwide. Isaiah Chapter 13 through Chapter 23 explain that the 'cup of reeling' (nuclear war) shall come around to all nations.

Isaiah chapter 24:1, tells us that Jesus will turn the world upside down. This will cause another world flood as in the days of Noah. People believe God promised never to flood the whole world again. This is not what Jesus said. He said, that He would never kill all flesh with a flood. This next world wide flood will have survivors which is why Isaiah 13:12-13 tells us God's desire is to make mankind scarcer than fine gold. There will be survivors, just not very many.

This is not taught anywhere else that I know of, but it is exactly what Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24 when He verified Isaiah's prophecies.

Jesus Villalobos 

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